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Keepsake Moments Boxes


Typical Butternut Keepsake Box trimmed with Walnut $105.95  

 Red Cedar Keepsake Boxes 
base price starting at  $95.95


   Overall size:  8" W x 9" H x 14 " Lg.  They have two lift out trays.  The top tray will slide back and forth on the lower tray, see picture below.  There is storage space below the lower tray.  These boxes are great for jewelry boxes.... or keeping special documents, small personal  items or pocket change and credit cards.  To keep it off the dresser.





Those shown above are made of Butternut and Red Cedar wood.  Walnut, Oak, Pine, Ash, Cherry, Elm, Birdseye Maple are other woods available for these boxes.  Cost starting at $95.95.  To personalize, wood burn your name or special date $15.  Cost for carving and wood burning (other than names) are dependant on design.



                                        Variations of Keepsake Boxes

(boxes shown are previously built and sold)

Curly Maple trimmed with Walnut $130 





Unique Keepsakes  



        Birdseye Maple trimmed Walnut  $115.95


Cherry Keepsake trimmed Walnut $115.95







Oak Recipe Box

 Oak or Walnut ...$95.95






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                Small Treasure Box

This little box is designed with contrasting woods.  The one above is Walnut and Red Oak. The hinges are wooden and this box has no metal hardware.  The boxes are made of hand selected woods to offer a unique and interesting beauty.  The size is 6" W x 5" H x 12"L.  It will keep some of your most personal belongings and provide a beautiful one of a kind hand crafted wood art.  Cost in most cases will be $105.95 (some pieces may be higher depending on wood availability and its unique qualities).  Add a full tray for $20.


or we can build it your way

Special Treasure Box starting at $145.00 Made of Cherry, made to size, two trays and  a locking Brass Hasp

One lift out tray or no tray at all

Maple trimmed with Walnut shown below



 This is called a Desk Top Chest.  It measures 13 inches long x 7 inches wide x 6 inches tall    with a full lift out tray. Brass hardware with leather strap handles.  Starting at $135


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